About NZSS Boys

The main responsibility of the New Zealand Secondary Boys Football Association is to foster football in secondary schools and to ensure that football becomes a dominant sport in New Zealand schools. Its influence is becoming more obvious. We have more than 250 schools participating in tournaments in several centres. There is however room for improvement as there are about 450 secondary schools in the country. If New Zealand can’t produce schoolboys playing football in every corner of the country it will never be a factor in world football. Therefore, the most important thing for us to do is to foster college football in the knowledge that the clubs and New Zealand Football will benefit from our endeavours.

The Secondary Schools also play an important part in the development of the game in New Zealand. Apart from organising the annual tournaments we also offer international football to those who aspire to play at international level. The National Secondary Schools’ Team fills a vital role in the development of the international player pool in New Zealand. For some of you this fills the gap between Under 17 and Under 20 National sides. For others it represents a first chance to be involved at international level.

We therefore organise annual overseas tours and have been visiting UK and Europe since 2000 and played successfully the national schoolboys from England, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and Scotland. Most of the players from these tours are now involved in National League Football. The experiences gained internationally have played a large part in their development as elite players.

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