NZSS Boys Football 

NZSSBFA has no direct funding outside of team levies.  As such we are indebted to those who offer sponsorship.

NZSS Girls Football 

NZSSGFA has no direct funding outside of team levies. As such we are indebted to a few organizations that have made significant contributions to our Association.

NZSS Boys & Girls Football Are Grateful to the Following for their Support:

​​​​​​​Lotto (Score Sportswear) NZ

Lotto (Score Sportswear) has been our principal sponsor since the Girls Association was formed. This is significant as, at that time, womens’ football was struggling to be recognized in our national sports environment and their support promised no guarantee of reward. In the past few years schoolgirls’ football has emerged as one of the biggest growth sports in the country and we now host over one hundred schools during our tournament week. We are delighted that so many schools recognize the loyalty of Lotto and support them commercially. The quality of their product is clearly the other factor in this support. Their assistance has extended to both tournaments and our Representative team.